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Meet the Creative Team at Chic Sugars.

Just like a delicious dessert, it takes the right combination of ingredients to create the right team. At Chic Sugars we have added a pinch of drive, a lot of innovative thinking, and a whole lot of creativity and passion. And together, this team makes deliciousness every time!

Erika Oldham, Caketress and Founder of Chic Sugars.

Erika’s love of baking was not a traditional path. But then again, Erika rarely does anything the conventional way. She did not grow up baking nor did she learn it from her mother or grandmother; She put her mind to it and made it happen. Upon her oldest daughter’s first birthday, she wanted to celebrate by creating a showstopper of a cake , but the price for elaborate and spectacular cake creations were out of her price range. As a fan of the television show Cake Boss, she set her sights on a cake of that magnitude and made it a goal to create one herself. Erika had never even made a cake from a box, let alone a custom cake. While her ambition and ability did not match at that time, it sparkled a challenge within her and she determined to tackle this goal. Tirelessly, she tried over and over again until she sought out making a cake not only at the same level but excelling at it.

Samantha Flores Swidrak, Manager

Before arriving at Chic Sugars, Samantha Flores-Swidwark aspired to become a doctor as she thought that a career in cake decorating wasn’t fruitful. Putting her passion to the side, she enrolled at Hohokus Eastwick College, but she quickly found out that creativity was a part of her DNA; she couldn’t deny her passion any further.

Emily Bauer, Lead Cake Decorator

Emily’s imagination and need to create has been the driving force for carrying here to more distant places. Before perfecting her craft as a cake decorator, she worked as a graphic designer and office assistant for a popular college nightspot designing promotional posters, flyers and tee shirts advertising the nightspot’s inviting atmosphere. This experience provided Emily the inspiration to excel at sculpting and painting fabulous cake decorations.


Chic Sugars offers a very warming, personal, efficient, and reliable level of service to every single client every time.

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